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The English We Speak
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The English We Speak


Everyday expressions and real English conversations to help make your everyday conversations easier. Read more


The English We Speak: Do the trick

05/14/2024 00:01:53
IMPORTANT: This podcast is changing its name

05/13/2024 00:00:37

05/07/2024 00:02:11
Do the trick

04/30/2024 00:02:13
Beige flag

04/23/2024 00:02:24
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Our take on The English We Speak podcast

Every week this BBC mini-program teaches you about a colloquial phrase from the English language in a fun way. This is an ideal show for expanding and perfecting your English knowledge. This bite-sized show is perfect for those looking to polish their English without the commitment. Learn quirky phrases like "brick by brick" and "cook up an idea" in just two minutes. It's easy, fun, and perfect for squeezing into your busy schedule. You'll find yourself chuckling and learning with the lively hosts. A gem for language learners.

Producer: BBC
Host: Feifei and Roy
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 328
Average duration: 3'
Frequency: Weekly

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