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The Seduction
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The Seduction

Dateline NBC

It’s a twisted love story that unspools like a film noir, where lust and obsession lead to murder and a classic double cross. Read more


6 - A Silhouette with a Gun

07/12/2022 00:38:20
5 - Prelude to a Double Cross

07/05/2022 00:30:00
4 - It Wasn’t Dirt

06/28/2022 00:30:50
3 - A Long and Twisted Road

06/21/2022 00:26:17
2 - Double Indemnity

06/14/2022 00:25:18
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Our take on The Seduction podcast

The Seduction is a Dateline classic from NBC. It is a twisted love story with a detailed plot that unravels an outstanding crime drama with sinister intentions, cynical attitudes and diabolical motivations. The Seduction follows a troubled young man and a cold-hearted woman whose lust and obsession result in a double-cross and murder. This classic true-crime piece has several twists and turns with suspense in every episode.

Producer: NBC
Host: Keith Morrison
Country: United States
Episodes count: 7
Average duration: 28'
Frequency: Weekly

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