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Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor

Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor are a young married couple with 3 beautiful yet crazy children, sharing their lives with over 7 million followers across platforms. Read more


Sharing My Testimony…How I Found God Again…

04/18/2024 00:21:51
We're moving out the US and here's why...

03/21/2024 00:33:16
I Made an OnlyFans…

02/22/2024 00:25:30
Mother-In-Law DRAMA

02/08/2024 00:58:52
I slept with my best friends boyfriend and now she’s pregnant…

02/01/2024 00:49:42
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Our take on BRAMTEA podcast

The BRAMTEA podcast offers a refreshing and candid look into the lives of Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor, along with their three adorable yet wild children. This down-to-earth couple spills the tea on their family drama, unveiling topics they've never discussed on social media, where they have up to 7 million followers. The open discussions and relatable moments make it an entertaining peek into the reality of modern family life. BRAMTEA is a relationships podcast by Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor.

Host: Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor
Country: United States
Episodes count: 20

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