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In The Trenches
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In The Trenches

Tim Ballard

In The Trenches tells the stories of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.): an organization dedicated to rescuing victims of human trafficking and exploitation worldwide. Read more


Going Undercover Part 2: Life After The Operations

05/31/2023 00:19:06
Going Undercover: Face-To-Face With Human Traffickers

05/24/2023 00:22:50
We Fund The Police: JC Holt on O.U.R.'s Work in the United States

05/17/2023 00:16:24
Operation Triple Take: Inside O.U.R.'s First Mission to Colombia

05/10/2023 00:18:00
How a K9 is fighting to protect children from exploitation in Riverside County

05/03/2023 00:22:32
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Our take on In The Trenches podcast

In The Trenches throws light on the harsh realities of human trafficking. Hosted by Tim Ballard of O.U.R., it offers an unprecedented look into the operations against this heinous crime. The podcast's narrative is compelling and educational, with guests providing firsthand accounts of rescues and aftercare. The stories are heartbreaking yet inspiring, showcasing the bravery of survivors and those fighting to end exploitation. In The Trenches is a documentary podcast by Tim Ballard. He has another show you should be listening to, The Tim Ballard Podcast.

Host: Tim Ballard
Country: United States
Episodes count: 7
Average duration: 20'
Frequency: Weekly

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