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The AI Podcast
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The AI Podcast


One person, one interview, one story. Read more


Basecamp's Phil Lorenz on Combining AI With Biodiversity Data - Ep. 223

05/15/2024 00:29:23
Media.Monks’ Lewis Smithingham on Enhancing Media and Marketing With AI - Ep. 222

05/08/2024 00:42:34
Performance AI: Insights from Arthur's Adam Wenchel – Ep. 221

04/30/2024 00:26:48
AI2’s Christopher Bretherton Discusses Using Machine Learning for Climate Modeling - Ep. 220

04/24/2024 00:32:29
Living Optics CEO Robin Wang on Democratizing Hyperspectral Imaging - Ep. 219

04/18/2024 00:26:34
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Our take on The AI Podcast

One person, one interview, one story. Join us as we explore the impact of AI on our world, one amazing person at a time -- from the wildlife biologist tracking endangered rhinos across the savannah here on Earth to astrophysicists analyzing 10 billion-year-old starlight in distant galaxies to the Walmart data scientist grappling with the hundreds of millions of parameters lurking in the retailer’s supply chain. Every two weeks, we’ll bring you another tale, another 25-minute interview, as we build a real-time oral history of AI that’s already garnered nearly 3.4 million listens and been acclaimed as one of the best AI and machine learning podcasts. Listen in and get inspired.


The AI Podcast is a technology podcast by NVIDIA.

Producer: NVIDIA
Host: Noah Kravitz
Country: United States
Episodes count: 220
Average duration: 35'
Frequency: Biweekly

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