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Out of the Pods
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Out of the Pods

Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati

No edits, no filters, just reality. Read more


54. First Dates in the Pods + Crazy First Date Stories

04/17/2024 01:06:13
53. Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater?

04/10/2024 00:51:59
52. Blake Moynes on Falling In Love on Reality TV, Saving Animals, & Dating Natalie

04/03/2024 01:01:27
51. Burning Questions Series: Love is Blind

03/27/2024 00:59:58
50. Love is Blind Season 6 Recap: Reunion

03/18/2024 01:06:44
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Our take on Out of the Pods podcast

Experience the unadulterated truth in this weekly exploration of the reality TV sensation Love is Blind. Hosts Deepti Vempati and Natalie Lee, both stars of the show, hold genuine discussions, express candid opinions, and offer exclusive scoops on the most recent episodes, as well as untold tales from all seasons. Each episode of Out of the Pods podcast offers an unscripted, behind-the-scenes perspective of Love is Blind.Out of the Pods is a tv & film podcast by Natalie Lee & Deepti Vempati.

Host: Natalie Lee and Deepti Vempati
Country: United States
Episodes count: 55
Average duration: 30'

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