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Political Currency
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Political Currency


Ed Balls and George Osborne take us behind closed doors into the rooms where decisions are made. Read more


EMQs: Blunders, Bag Carriers and Biden’s Stammer

Yesterday (04/22/2024) 38:11
Liz Truss for PM?

04/17/2024 59:31
EMQs: The Brexit Plots special

04/15/2024 37:59
Sexts, Tax and Mar-a-Lago

04/11/2024 59:47
Sexts, Tax and Mar-a-Lago

04/11/2024 59:47
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Our take on Political Currency podcast

Political Currency is a podcast where former rivals Ed Balls and George Osborne talk money and politics. BAlls and Osborne know their stuff—Ed used to manage schools and families, and George was in charge of the UK's economy. Every week, they break down how politics and economics go hand-in-hand and share insider stories. They show how even powerful people and decision makers can mess up when they don't understand money and public opinion. The chats are easy to follow, and the hosts' chemistry makes the show a pleasant listen. Political Currency is a politics podcast by Persephonica.

Producer: Persephonica
Host: Ed Balls and George Osborne
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 53
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

Listener reviews

Vivien Allan - 10/27/2023
Very much enjoyed Political Currency. Good to hear anecdotes from the past and how they have connected to the future, especially in the decision of David Cameron to hold a referendum and Ed Milliband choosing the wrong chancellor at the time. Nice to hear politicians of differing parties getting together and giving their views. Hope to hear more in the future. of politician has declined somewhat to the days of my generation of Harold Wilson and Margaret Thatcher.

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