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Welcome to Trendy, the new weekly show from Tortoise.Britain’s top pollster, Sir John Curtice, and former Downing Street advisor, Rachel Wolf, explore the key political, social and economic trends that help shape what voters think and what politicians do.Over the next six weeks Trendy will be your essential guide to making sense of all the numbers and data that are shaping the election campaign.New episodes drop every Thursday.Follow the feed today to make sure you don't miss an episode. Read more


(What’s the story) losing Tory?

06/20/2024 44:15
Volatile voters and why people don’t trust politicians

06/13/2024 40:04
The Conservatives face their Mount Everest

06/06/2024 38:14
How is the election campaign going?

05/30/2024 35:41
What does Gen Z think?

05/23/2024 37:58
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If you're into politics and social shifts, Trendy is your go-to listen. Hosted by UK's leading pollster Sir John Curtice and ex-Downing Street consultant Rachel Wolf, this weekly podcast uncovers the forces moving public opinion and government action. The show drops a new episode every Thursday, serving up a mix of stats, insights, expert commentary, unique perspectives and a deeper look into what’s shaping our world. Trendy is a news podcast by Tortoise Media.

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