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Private Parts
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Private Parts

Spirit Studios

Join Tom Lucy and Liv Bentley each week as they read from their diaries, revealing the most intimate and sordid details of their lives, from personal stories to naked truths. Read more


Ep 3: DMs, dentists and dodgy chocolate | Part 2

05/16/2024 22:13
Ep 3: DMs, dentists and dodgy chocolate | Part 1

05/16/2024 24:50
Ep 2: Liv Bentley, CEO of Parsons Green | Part 2

05/09/2024 25:37
Ep 2: Liv Bentley, CEO of Parsons Green | Part 1

05/09/2024 29:22
Ep 1: James Blunt, vibrators and a French Horn | Part 2

05/02/2024 29:44
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Our take on Private Parts podcast

Jamie Laing and his friends give you intellectual stimulation laced with gossip as they dig deep under the covers of celebrities' lives to find out their most intimate stories. Nothing is off-limits on Private parts, and Laing gives the naked truth. His guests talk about anything and everything, including tattoos, experiences with exes and unforgettable moments in their bedrooms. This also includes Laing and his friends' experiences with their partners, parents and how they struggled to get ID'd because they panicked. You will be surprised by the remarkable stories that guests such as Ellen DeGeneres, Claire Balding and Lou Sanders have to tell.

Producer: Spirit Studios
Host: Jamie Laing
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 1033
Average duration: 26'
Frequency: Irregular

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