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Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind
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Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind

Podimo, TellTale

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40: Friendship

01/03/2024 00:27:23
39: Can You Spot a Con?

12/27/2023 00:28:27
38: Christmas

12/20/2023 00:26:57
37: Are You a Blurter?

12/13/2023 00:28:53
36: Hidden Persuaders

12/06/2023 00:25:40
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Our take on Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind podcast

Renowned magician, academic, and author Richard Wiseman answers fascinating questions about the human mind. Alongside science journalist Marnie Chesterston, Wiseman tackles topics such as luck, memory, dreaming, and more in a fact-filled and interactive way. Each episode is a mix of humour and valuable insights, providing listeners with tools for successful living. With weekly 30-minute episodes, Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind is the ultimate guide to the mind's inner workings. You can also submit your questions to Richard and Marnie and expand your understanding of the human psyche. Richard Wiseman's On Your Mind is a social sciences podcast by Podimo & TellTale.

Producer: Podimo
Host: Richard Wiseman and Marnie Chesterston
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 42
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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