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Dr Alex George

Our mind and body can be transformed through the simple act of walking. Read more


Pt 3: How to Prepare for Birthdays, Christmas & Anniversaries after Loss | Cariad Lloyd

Yesterday (07/24/2024) 21:15
Pt 2: Does Grief Ever Get Easier? | Cariad Lloyd

07/23/2024 26:02
Pt 1: We All Experience Grief: Here’s How to Prepare for It | Cariad Lloyd

07/22/2024 33:10
Pt 3: Running Tips for Beginners to Experts | Jonny Davies

07/17/2024 33:10
Pt 2: How Exercise Builds Resilience for ANY Challenge | Jonny Davies

07/16/2024 18:58
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Our take on Stompcast podcast

If you want to get in shape but need some company or motivation, this podcast is for you. Here you won’t find a how-to exercise plan but a buddy to go for walks. That is Stompcast.
In each episode, Dr Alex George chats with an exciting guest, and they go deep into thrilling topics that will entertain you during your stomp. They are also on a walk in a location of their choice. You will hear the birds, the water, and nature around their path, making this a perfect ambient pod.
Stompcast is very well thought out, so each interview is divided into three parts, which makes it ideal to be listened to in three walks or a long one, according to your needs and stomp time.

Dr Alex George
Great Britan
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