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These are the 10 Must-Hear inspirational Podcasts for 2024

Looking for a burst of inspiration to kickstart your 2024? Dive into our updated list of the top 10 motivational podcasts. This guide is the result of countless chats with friends. Whether you’re into the dynamic of duo-hosted shows, the personal touch of a solo presenter, or themes ranging from peak performance and health to personal happiness, you’ll find it here. Prepare for a combo of deep discussions and chill conversations with folks who’ve walked the walk. Whether you’re yearning for a slight push towards your dreams or a complete life transformation, these inspirational podcasts promise to turn your ordinary into extraordinary. Ready to be inspired? 

The School of Greatness

Unlock your best self with stories from the top of the ladder.

The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness is like grabbing coffee with someone who’s made it big. Lewis Howes chats with the cream of the crop from all walks of life. Every episode, I end up feeling like I can conquer my doubts and push a bit harder towards my dreams.

Lewis has this cool way of making every chat feel down-to-earth yet so full of gold nuggets of wisdom. This podcast lights a fire under me. Hearing someone else’s journey can make your own goals seem more reachable.

Episodes to dive into:

  • Kobe Bryant: Step into the shoes of a sports icon and learn how to bounce back stronger from setbacks.
  • Brené Brown: Unpack the tough stuff like shame and loneliness with Brené Brown, and find out why it’s okay to be vulnerable.
  • Rob Dyrdek: Rob Dyrdek spills the beans on making it big, staying focused, and finding happiness in the hustle.
  • Mel Robbins: Mel Robbins shares a dead-simple trick that could kick your life into high gear. Worth a shot, right?

Modern Wisdom

Exploring life’s big questions with the brightest minds.

Modern Wisdom
Apple podcasts rating: 4.8/5
Frequency: Several times a week
Approximate duration: 90′
Best for: Learn from the best

Chris Williamson’s Modern Wisdom is like sitting down with the smartest person you know and getting into everything that matters. From heavy hitters like Sam Harris to the unstoppable Jocko Willink, the show covers big ideas and personal challenges with a down-to-earth touch. Listening to Steven Bartlett, I got a personal pep talk on facing life head-on. There are many other episodes, some more focused on today’s issues many people face. Modern Wisdom mixes deep thoughts with practical advice, making complex topics easy to grasp. For anyone eager to learn and grow, this is a goldmine in audio.

Top episodes to start with:

  • David Goggins: Get a masterclass in overcoming life’s toughest obstacles from a man who knows no limits.
  • Dr Jordan Peterson: Challenge and change your negative beliefs with wisdom from a profound thinker.
  • Dr Andrew Huberman: Discover science-backed strategies to optimize your brain and body for peak performance.
  • Alcohol, Friend or Foe?: Rethink your relationship with alcohol through this honest and thought-provoking talk.

The Jordan Harbinger Show

Sharpen your communication and networking skills through interviews with experts in relationships, business, and self-improvement.

The Jordan Harbinger Show
Apple podcasts rating: 4.9 / 5
Frequency: 3 x week
Approximate duration: 55′
Best for: better communication and networking

Unlock the secrets to success with The Jordan Harbinger Show. Three times a week, Jordan Harbinger sits down for an hour with leaders, entertainers, scientists, athletes and other fascinating guests to uncover their wisdom and turn it into practical advice that you can use to make your work more effective, your relationships more profound and your life more fulfilling.
Each episode allows you to take advantage of in-depth conversations with guests like Ray Dalio, Bill Nye, Mark Cuban, Kobe Bryant and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

Daily business insights and marketing strategies from an experienced entrepreneur, offering motivation and guidance to fuel your professional journey.

The GaryVee Audio Experience
Apple podcasts rating: 4.9/5.0
Frequency: Daily
Approximate duration: 20′
Best for: How to grow and maintain a business

Gary Vaynerchuk’s been all over the business world, from being a CEO to an investor and even a vlogger. He’s here to pump you up with his talks that are all about pushing forward and nailing your business strategy. Listening to The GaryVee Audio Experience is like having a mentor whispering in your ear about everything from making the most of your current customers to snagging new ones and shaking off that feeling of being stuck in a rut.
Gary doesn’t just stop at pep talks; he dives deep into what’s shaking up the business scene, sharing secrets from the big players and what they’re doing to stay on top. He breaks down business growth strategies in a way that’s not just smart but also super relatable and clear. GaryVee’s got this unique way of lighting a fire under you. It’s easily one of the go-to podcasts if you want to get inspired about business.

The Rich Roll Podcast

Dive into the science and art of self-improvement with a wellness guru and explore topics ranging from veganism to intellectual curiosity.

The Rich Roll Podcast
Apple podcasts rating: 4.8 / 5
Frequency: Biweekly
Approximate duration: 120′
Best for: Education and Motivation

Rich Roll takes you on a self-improvement journey like no other. Imagine sitting down with someone who’s done it all: written bestsellers, competed in extreme athletics, and knows a thing or two about getting better every day. That’s Rich for you – approachable, funny, and smart.
His chats are the kind you look forward to—full of deep thoughts, easy to get into, and always fun. There are lots of interesting bits because he’s always open to new ideas. He brings in exciting guests with stories to tell and great advice on how to up your game.
And if you’re vegan, you’re in for a treat because Rich is one, too. The Rich Roll Podcast dives deep into interviews that cover every angle of improving yourself, making it a must-listen.

The Mindset Mentor

A quick, impactful guide to developing a winner’s mindset, focusing on habits, health, and goal-setting for wellness.

The Mindset Mentor
Frequency: Every two days
Approximate duration: 17′
Best for: Health and Fitness

If you have been looking for significant excerpts that are impactful, then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Rob Dial Jr., this podcast is set up perfectly to give you the winner’s mindset, hence the name The Mindset Mentor.

The host uses his powerful voice to inspire the audience to be more mindful and recommends essential steps in becoming a goal-oriented individual. He has excellent delivery, and the sessions are usually on point, with great reminders on habits, health, goal setting, and healing. This is the must-go podcast for short and to-the-point self-help podcasts.

UnF*CK Your Brain

Tailored for high-achieving women, this podcast tackles imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and social constraints with transformative conversations.

UnF*ck Your Brain
Apple podcasts rating: 4.7/5.0
Frequency: Weekly
Approximate duration: 40′
Best for: High achiever women

Kara Loewentheil’s podcast is a gem for high-achieving women who deal with anxiety, feeling like a fraud, and tough self-judgment. As a Master Certified Confidence Coach, she’s all about helping her listeners shake off social pressures, silence the inner critic, and embrace confidence and self-trust. Her show isn’t just talk; she brings on amazing guests to dive into deep, meaningful conversations in a chill vibe. From tackling dating, rejection, and love to discussing the impact of patriarchy today and how to let go of it, Kara covers it all. UnF*CK Your Brain isn’t just another podcast; it’s a crucial tool for empowerment in a world where our confidence is constantly challenged. I’d suggest giving it a listen if you’re in the mood for some genuine, thought-provoking content.

The Nick Bare Podcast

A gym in audio form, teaching you nutrition, mental resilience, and fitness leadership, hosted by a former army lieutenant turned CEO.

The Nick Bare Podcast
Apple podcasts rating: 4.9/5.0
Approximate duration: 60′
Best for: Lovers of fitness and working out

The Nick Bare Podcast covers everything from fitness and nutrition to the power of a positive mindset and effective leadership. He draws from his own journey, sharing valuable lessons on pushing limits, staying motivated, and building mental toughness. With a background as an army lieutenant, he brings a unique perspective on discipline and resilience, making his advice not just practical but truly inspiring.
Nick Bare is the brains behind Bare Performance Nutrition. In his podcast, he dives into all things fitness with diverse guests, offering great info and tips for anyone looking to improve themselves. He’s all about setting realistic goals—ones that have already helped countless people on their path to better health.
A standout feature of the Nick Bare Podcast is the Go One More philosophy. It will definitely motivate you to push beyond the limits you thought you had.
If you’re keen on upping your fitness game or need a motivational boost, this podcast is worth your time.

These are, by far, the best inspirational and self-help podcasts. They cover people from all walks of life and help address all mental health and stability matters. Hopefully, this list was of great help, and any feedback will be appreciated.

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