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The Ether Podcast by Ant Middleton
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The Ether Podcast by Ant Middleton

Ant Middleton

I will be giving my platform to the people for the people, the real unsung HEROES of the UK who work and live in the depth of our society! Read more


Why Midwives Are LEAVING The NHS! | The Ether Podcast

01/29/2023 01:13:54
An INSIGHT into the stress and pressure on Rail workers

01/22/2023 00:57:20
The HORRORS of Being a Firefighter | The Ether Podcast

01/15/2023 01:17:33
The HARD REALITY for The Yorkshire Air Ambulance Service

01/08/2023 01:05:02
The UNSPOKEN Danger Affecting Children in The UK

12/18/2022 00:59:35
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Our take on The Ether Podcast by Ant Middleton

The Ether Podcast is a show by the people for the people. Ant Middleton aims to congratulate unsung heroes living in our community. The stories of these brilliant individuals are the breath of fresh air you need to keep believing in humanity. In addition, the show invites regular people who are community heroes, such as policemen, who share some of the most defining moments in their careers. Listening to The Ether Podcast shows how hard people try to do the right thing. It is also the right way to start and inspire your morning.  The Ether Podcast by Ant Middleton is a society & culture podcast by Ant Middleton.

Producer: Ant Middleton
Host: Ant Middleton
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 12
Average duration: 60’
Frequency: Weekly

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