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Uncared For
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Uncared For


You’re more likely to die as a pregnant person in the United States than any other wealthy nation in the world. Read more


Bonus: Why Millions Are Getting Kicked Off Medicaid

12/12/2023 00:18:34
Bonus: Care Denied

11/28/2023 00:25:33
Bonus: A Year After Dobbs

06/23/2023 00:40:03
Reimagining Birth

12/13/2022 00:42:58
Costa Rica: By Boat, By Horse, By Bicycle

12/06/2022 00:43:50
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Our take on Uncared For podcast

Uncared For is a health documentary podcast on the quest to find answers to maternal health care. The podcast is hosted by SuChin Pak, an award-winning journalist who takes a closer look at matters regarding maternal health care across the globe. SuChin discusses how countries such as Germany, Costa Rica, the USA, and the Netherlands go about maternal health care and what they need to change. In addition, she touches on topics that are mostly swept under the rug, helping understand what most moms go through worldwide. Uncared For is a health & fitness podcast by Lemonada Media.

Producer: Lemonada
Host: SuChin Pak
Country: United States
Episodes count: 10
Average duration: 45’
Frequency: Weekly

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