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The Rewatchables
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The Rewatchables

The Ringer

'The Rewatchables,' a film podcast from the Ringer Podcast Network, features The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of people from the Ringer universe discussing movies they can’t seem to stop watching. Read more


‘Hardcore’ With Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Sean Fennessey

04/23/2024 01:36:39
‘Magnolia’ With Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Sean Fennessey

04/16/2024 01:23:44
‘The War of the Roses’ With Bill Simmons, Mallory Rubin, and Amanda Dobbins

04/09/2024 01:42:35
‘Shot Caller’ With Bill Simmons and Chris Ryan

04/02/2024 01:45:27
‘Manchester by the Sea’ With Bill Simmons, Chris Ryan, and Sean Fennessey

03/26/2024 01:41:41
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Our take on The Rewatchables podcast

The Rewatchables podcast features Bill Simmons and a rotating panel of guests from the Ringer universe discussing the greatest movies ever. In each weekly episode, the panel dives deep into a classic movie, discussing everything from the performances to the cinematography and everything in between. With its extensive archive of classic films, including Scent of a Woman, Man on Fire, and Mission Impossible, there's no shortage of great movies to explore and re-watch. The episodes typically run between one and two hours, so you can settle in and get into each movie's details.  The Rewatchables is a tv & film podcast by The Ringer.

Producer: The Ringer
Host: Bill Simmons
Country: United States
Episodes count: 370
Average duration: 95’
Frequency: Weekly

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