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Under the Influence with Jo Piazza
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Under the Influence with Jo Piazza

Jo Piazza

Under the Influence is a deep dive into social media, a place haunted by aspirational marketing where it feels like every other person is a social media influencer trying to sell you something, all while posed in perfect houses that never seem to get messy. Read more


How to Help Kids Navigate the Dangers of Social Media and Screens

05/23/2024 00:41:42
Does Instagram Ruin Travel?

05/21/2024 00:46:45
Sunday Nice Things: Magical Overthinkers with Amanda Montell

05/19/2024 00:56:58
Harrison Butker and the TradWives with Emily in Your Phone

05/16/2024 00:42:05
Women and Pleasure with Glynnis MacNicol (PLUS All the thoughts on The Idea of You)

05/14/2024 00:40:10
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Our take on Under the Influence with Jo Piazza podcast

Under the Influence with Jo Piazza takes you on a twice-weekly journey through the often-overlooked challenges of social media on modern parenting. Journalist and bestselling author Jo Piazza explores the pressures social media exerts on mothers -quite a big issue, often overlooked. It's about the real struggles behind the seemingly perfect online world of parenting. Whether discussing the psychology behind our online behaviors or offering practical advice for healthier digital habits, this podcast is a key listen for anyone interested in the effects of technology on our daily lives, not just parents. Under the Influence with Jo Piazza is a personal journals podcast by Jo Piazza.

Jo Piazza
Jo Piazza
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