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Under The Skin with Russell Brand
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Under The Skin with Russell Brand


A weekly interview series from Russell Brand that examines what's beneath the surface—of the people we admire, the ideas that define our time, and the history we’re told. Read more


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09/16/2023 1:51:25
Deepak Chopra on Cosmology and Consciousness

09/13/2023 54:12
On Calming Stress and Anxiety--with Tapping, ft. Nick Ortner

09/09/2023 1:20:14
This is Under The Skin

09/08/2023 0:58
#77 - How to Be a Loving Man (with Karamo Brown)

04/27/2019 1:23:39
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Our take on Under The Skin with Russell Brand podcast

Under the skin is a podcast that holds interviews and looks into what lies deep beneath the surface of the people the society has in high regard, the ideas that continue to shape recent times and culture, and the history that the world knows.

Under the skin is hosted by Russell Brand, a comedian, radio host, and actor in several films. He is an activist and has been on record airing his opinion on an array of political and cultural issues such as media bias, addiction, climate change, wealth inequality and corporate capitalism.

Producer: Luminary
Host: Russel Brand
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 86
Average duration: 10'
Frequency: Weekly

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