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Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast
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Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

Caroline Foran

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Solo Episode: Overcoming Anxiety Roadmap

07/10/2024 44:20
Overcoming Health Anxiety with an Expert

07/01/2024 46:58
Solving social anxiety and becoming a Supercommunicator

06/24/2024 28:40
Laura's story: 'Checking myself into a psychiatric hospital was the bravest thing I could do as a new mother'

06/12/2024 51:06
Terence Power's story of anxiety, addiction and having to be tough

06/04/2024 56:55
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Our take on Owning It: The Anxiety Podcast

Dealing with anxiety can be at times challenging and as a result number one non-fiction bestseller and journalist Caroline Foran came up with Owning It: The Anxiety podcast.

Owning it is a practical and relaxed series that covers everything from what anxiety is and why it happens, how the brain works and how to utilise the tools and techniques necessary towards owning the situation. Having suffered anxiety herself, Foran shares the dos and don'ts of dealing with anxiety and gives an account of her own battle with the condition. She tells of how she suffered a breakdown in 2014 when she was just aged 25 and the steps she took in order to overcome it. 

She has several books that she has authored towards conquering anxiety and she uses them as well as expert help

Caroline Foran
United Kingdom
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