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Dad Saves America
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Dad Saves America

Emergent Order Foundation

Dad Saves America is all about celebrating dads and fatherhood. Fatherhood is the greatest opportunity to make a positive impact you will have in your lifetime. Read more


Google, Surveillance, and Data Brokers: How Americans Lost Their Privacy Rights

04/18/2024 01:53:25
Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying on Sex, Gender, and Preparing Kids for Adulthood

04/11/2024 01:41:53
Texas School Falsely Accused Child of Blackface. Now They Won’t Apologize.

03/28/2024 01:51:19
Want To Save the Planet? Have Kids.

03/24/2024 00:54:10
Bret Weinstein & Heather Heying on Evolution, Innovation, and Western Civilization

03/14/2024 01:32:55
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Our take on Dad Saves America podcast

Dad Saves America takes a straight-to-the-point look at fatherhood, sharing practical advice and real stories. John Papola brings together a great mix of guests, including famous faces like Danny and Lucy DeVito, Chris Powell, and Nate Boyer, along with experts in parenting. They tackle important topics such as managing childhood anxiety, the challenges of tech addiction, and how to build resilience in kids. This podcast is perfect for any dad wanting to positively impact their kids' lives. It offers tips on dealing with the rollercoaster of parenting in our modern, fast-moving world. Dad Saves America is an education podcast by Emergent Order Foundation.

Producer: Emergent Order Foundation
Host: John Papola
Country: United States
Episodes count: 85
Average duration: 75'
Frequency: Every other week

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