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Death of an Artist
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Death of an Artist

Pushkin Industries, Somethin' Else, Sony Music Entertainment

You’ve heard of Jackson Pollock but you may have never heard of Lee Krasner. Read more


Episode 1: Crash

05/17/2024 00:21:18
Death of an Artist Season 2: Krasner and Pollock

05/03/2024 00:03:35
From Deep Cover: The Nameless Man

04/22/2024 00:40:29
From The Professor: Hunting for the Mafia's Missing Masterpiece

03/27/2024 00:40:12
An Epilogue: Live from A.I.R. Gallery

12/20/2022 00:31:42
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Our take on Death of an Artist podcast

Death of an Artist looks into the tragic ending of a fairy tale story of two talented artists. Famous and rich sculptor Carl Andre fell in love with Mendieta, a Cuban refugee. Life was fantastic at first, as the two dominated the art world. Everything was perfect until months after their wedding when the two had a disagreement that led to the death of the up-and-coming bride. Then, things went from bad to worse for Andre, who got charged with murder. Helen Molesworth is on a mission to revisit the incident and recreate the storyline that led to the tragic ending in this unique true-crime show.

Producer: Pushkin Industries, Somethin' Else, Sony Music Entertainment
Host: Helen Molesworth
Country: United States
Episodes count: 13
Average duration: 40'

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