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Wolves Among Us
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Wolves Among Us


On the surface, there was nothing remarkable about Larry Lavin. Read more


Presenting Gone South Season 3: The Sign Cutter

11/15/2023 00:02:23
Ep 6: American Tragedy

10/12/2022 00:48:39
Ep 5: The O'Neils

10/05/2022 00:48:07
Ep 4: The Kingpin

09/28/2022 00:45:35
Ep 3: The Tail

09/21/2022 00:37:06
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Our take on Wolves Among Us podcast

How well do you know your neighbors? What if I, that sweetest, warm, and quiet person in your block, am a drug dealer and on the list of the most wanted fugitives? This was the story of a peaceful neighborhood where Larry Lavin, a dentist by profession, lived. Things went on peacefully until 1978, when Larry's double life was brought to light leading to an intense chase. Wolves Amongst Us is keen on unpacking all the drama based on the evidence, findings, and testimonies from the officers, accomplices, friends, and Lavin himself.

Producer: Cadence13
Country: United States
Episodes count: 8
Average duration: 40'
Frequency: Weekly

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