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Murder in the Granite City
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Murder in the Granite City

The Scottish Sun

The death of brilliant scientist Dr Brenda Page remained a mystery for more than 40 years - becoming one of Britain's longest-running unsolved murders.The young and talented 32-year-old was bludgeoned to death in her flat in Aberdeen - the Scottish city famous for its granite buildings and oil industry.On July 13, 1978, Brenda - originally from Ipswich, England - left her laboratory at the University of Aberdeen where she headed up the genetics department, and joined two rich businessmen for dinner at a plush hotel in the city.The following day, worried colleagues went to check on her after she failed to turn up for work - and made the grim discovery of her body. Read more


Episode One: The Murder

12/20/2023 32:47
Episode Seven: The Trial

07/14/2023 29:25
Episode Six: DNA and the Missing Link

07/07/2023 40:23
Episode Five: Black Gold

06/30/2023 1:29:42
Episode Four: The Dating Game

06/23/2023 31:19
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Our take on Murder in the Granite City podcast

Murder in the Granite City podcast is a captivating seven-episode series exploring one of Britain's oldest unsolved homicides – the gruesome murder of renowned scientist Dr Brenda Page. One episode at a time, Ruth Warrander explores three plausible theories about who might have brutally ended Brenda's life in her Aberdeen apartment back in 1978. The twist of Brenda leading a secret life adds another layer of intrigue to the chilling tale. This investigation leaves you eagerly awaiting a shocking revelation the following week. Each episode is an intense, half-hour journey into the heart of this enduring mystery. The podcast Murder in the Granite City is a true crime show by The Scottish Sun.

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