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On porpouse with Jay Shetty
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On porpouse with Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty

I’m Jay Shetty host of On Purpose the worlds #1 Mental Health podcast and I’m so grateful you found us. Read more


Dr. Rahul Jandial: What Your Nightmares Are Trying to Tell You & How to Know Which Dreams You Need to Pay Attention to

07/15/2024 01:42:39
Why There’s No Such thing As the Right Person at the Wrong Time & Why Your Ex Was Never The One

07/12/2024 00:24:50
Melinda Gates: Why Your Perfectionism Has Been Draining You & 7 Reasons You Should Spend Time Alone in Silence Today

07/08/2024 01:17:27
Why You are Wasting Your Time with Cardio & 6 Small Changes to Make For Weight Loss (The Secret Behind Kim Kardashian’s Workout) with Senada Greca

07/05/2024 01:00:51
Rob Dial: How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination & 3 Ways to Change Your Repeated Thoughts

07/01/2024 01:16:13
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Our take on On porpouse with Jay Shetty podcast

After living three years as a monk and creating philanthropic ventures, Jay Shetty decided to spread the word and share his incredible experiences with the world. Jay Shetty, who has more than 24 million followers in diverse social platforms, shares his experiments and results in this podcast. But there's more, thanks to his infinite charisma and sphere of influence, he interviews the most exciting personalities, always providing self-improvement tools to listeners.

Jay Shetty
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