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The Royals of Malibu
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The Royals of Malibu


Ella Sinclair (Alyssa McKay) is a survivor. Read more


March Madness: The Royals of Malibu vs. Bad Influencer

04/08/2024 00:44:23
THE ROYAL BOYS E13 - That Killer Ending w/ Alyssa Mckay (Pt 2/2)

02/12/2024 00:37:51
THE ROYAL BOYS E13 - That Killer Ending w/ Alyssa Mckay (Pt 1/2)

02/12/2024 00:40:11
THE ROYAL BOYS E12 - w/ the Royal Father, Callum!

02/05/2024 00:58:35
THE ROYAL BOYS E11 - Nick and Chris' Sister Joins the Pod!

01/29/2024 00:52:44
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Our take on The Royals of Malibu podcast

The Royals of Malibu follows Ella Sinclair (Alyssa McKay), a fierce and determined orphan teenager who finds herself thrust into a life of wealth and privilege after being welcomed into the posh world of a wealthy family. Ella quickly realizes that the new life she's entered into is not without its challenges, especially with the oldest son, Reed Royal, who persists in keeping her from settling into her new environment. But Ella is not one to be intimidated, and she sets out to uncover the truth behind Reed's mysterious behavior. With new episodes dropping every Monday, The Royals of Malibu is a must-listen for fans of dramatic fiction. The Royals of Malibu is a fiction podcast by Diversion.

Producer: Diversion
Host: Alyssa McKay
Country: United States
Episodes count: 49
Average duration: 30'
Frequency: Weekly

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