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Scared To Death
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Scared To Death

Dan Cummins

True horror fan Dan Cummins attempts to terrify his wife Lynze with two new alleged-to-be-true tales each week. Read more


A Night At The Clown Motel

Today (05/22/2024) 01:18:42
Nightmare Fuel #8: Demon in the Machine

05/17/2024 00:52:19
The Ghosts of Tombstone

05/15/2024 01:20:55
The Face Of Grief (Black Aggie)

05/08/2024 01:11:52
Nightmare Fuel #7: Vacancy

05/03/2024 00:50:29
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Our take on Scared To Death podcast

Scared To Death is the perfect podcast for anyone who loves a good scare. On each episode, horror enthusiast Dan Cummins tells two new alleged-to-be-true scary tales, from hauntings and monsters to unsolved mysteries. You will be on the edge of your seat as they hear chilling stories told with enthusiasm and expertise. Scared To Death is a society & culture podcast by Dan Cummins.

Producer: Dan Cummins
Host: Dan Cummins
Country: United States
Episodes count: 256
Average duration: 70’
Frequency: Weekly

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