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Technically Optimistic
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Technically Optimistic

Emerson Collective

Data is the most valuable resource on our planet, and the data economy impacts everything from mental health to human rights. Read more


Season Two is all about your data

03/10/2024 00:04:27
Unpacking Biden's AI plan

11/03/2023 00:40:04
Justin Hendrix on AI policy and democracy

09/29/2023 00:47:59
Timnit Gebru is asking different questions about AI

09/15/2023 00:42:08
Kyunghyun Cho on language, culture, and AI

09/08/2023 00:29:52
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Our take on Technically Optimistic podcast

Hosted by Emmerson Collective CTO Raffi Krikorian, Technically Optimistic explores AI's power and risks with expert guests from diverse backgrounds. In each weekly episode, lasting around an hour, you'll discover exciting topics, from the positive impact of AI in education to the essential need for responsible regulation. With accessible discussions, Technically Optimistic offers an engaging and thought-provoking journey into the ethical and exciting possibilities AI presents. Technically Optimistic is a technology podcast by Emerson Collective.

Producer: Emerson Collective
Host: Raffi Krikorian
Country: United States
Episodes count: 15
Average duration: 60'
Frequency: Weekly

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