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THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali
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THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali

Tarek Ali

For the past 7 years, Tarek Ali has always prefaced his talks with, “I never come to be right, I come to start the conversation.” And on this podcast, he continues THAT conversation. Read more


[MINDSET SHIFT]: Hard Times— Using Storms to Water Seeds | 'Leap Into Healing' preview

02/28/2024 00:03:34
[AFFIRMATION]: Stop Saving it! | 'Leap Into Healing' preview

02/10/2024 00:04:32
E16: Whole lotta SEX — Healing Body Trauma, Sexual Agency, & Growing Beyond Judgement

02/08/2024 01:13:33
E15: BOTTLED UP: Anger, Pain, & Sadness — Finding Closure (Alone), Letting Go, & Moving On

11/19/2023 01:23:59
E14: VOICES: is that ME? Anxiety? or GOD? — Identifying & Managing the Different Voices in Your Head & Spirit.

10/31/2023 00:22:40
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Our take on THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali podcast

THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali explores about vital topics that are often taboo. Tarek isn't here to tell you he's right; he's here to get you talking and thinking. From mental health to money tips, he covers it all. Sometimes he chats with guests, sometimes it's just him. Either way, you'll learn something new about a challenging topic. THAT Conversation with Tarek Ali is a mental health podcast by Tarek Ali.

Tarek Ali
United States
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