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I Need To Ask You Something
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I Need To Ask You Something

Lemonada Media

We all have terrifying questions that we can’t stop thinking about. Read more


Listen Now: The Letter Season Two

04/16/2024 00:14:33
Bonus: How do we work with anger?

11/15/2023 00:18:03
Bonus: How Can I Change The System?

11/10/2023 00:18:07
Bonus: Do my mental health struggles change how you see me?

11/08/2023 00:25:23
How do we heal together?

11/01/2023 00:38:35
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Our take on I Need To Ask You Something podcast

I Need To Ask You Something is a powerful 10-part series podcast that tackles tough questions we're often too scared to ask. Host Dr. Monica Band helps young people and the important adults in their lives talk openly about tricky topics to help everyone get along better and heal any wounds. With 50-minute episodes, it's a real deep-dive into big issues like family troubles or personal secrets. Episodes like Jessica asking her dad about their rocky past, or Seth questioning his adoptive mom, show how tough—but necessary—these talks can be. I Need To Ask You Something is a health & fitness podcast by Lemonada Media.

Producer: Lemonada
Host: Dr. Monica Band
Country: United States
Episodes count: 15
Average duration: 50'
Frequency: Weekly

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