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Vegan Life Magazine Podcast
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Vegan Life Magazine Podcast

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Vegan French Patisserie

06/02/2022 37:47
The Coffee Debate!

05/26/2022 01:09:44
Foraging for Vegan Food

05/19/2022 39:54
Powered by Plants

05/16/2022 41:12
Ayurveda with Radhi Devlukia-Shetty

05/05/2022 31:09
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Our take on Vegan Life Magazine Podcast

Are you a vegan and have yet to figure out the proper substitutes for meat? Worry not. This is the right place to be. The Vegan Life Magazine podcast is produced by the Vegan Life Magazine. It is a magazine that publishes content on the Vegan lifestyle. Likewise, this podcast thus the same, but in audio. The podcast is hosted by Jake Yapp. He talks to guests and fellow Vegans about dieting, recipes and the challenges vegans face. Additionally, He covers more than just the food part. Yapp speaks to both seasoned vegans, new ones and those who aspire but are yet to fully adopt the lifestyle. Together, they share everything that comes with the vegan lifestyle.

Producer: Swanburst Media
Host: Jake Yapp
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 64
Frequency: Weekly

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