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Eating for Health
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Eating for Health

Dr Harriet Holmes

Welcome to the Eating for Health podcast with Healthy Eating Dr, Dr Harriet Holme. Read more


Skin with Dr Thivi Maruthappu 🩺

12/18/2021 00:47:21
All types of food and more with Dame Prue Leith

12/11/2021 00:55:28
Omega 3 and neurodiversity with Professor Amanda Kirby 🧠

12/04/2021 00:36:29
Breastfeeding and Tilbea 🤱

11/27/2021 00:44:57
Obesity, candida and reflux with Dr Chris George 🩺

11/20/2021 00:37:10
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Our take on Eating for Health podcast

It is everyone's wish to eat and live healthily. Eating for Health will teach you how to keep a healthy diet and lifestyle. As actionable as they come, Dr Harriet Holme's advice is off the charts and very insightful. The host is an accomplished medical doctor, lecturer in nutrition, and a registered nutritionist, as well as a best-selling author.
What makes this podcast unique is the host's inclusivity. For example, some episodes are solely dedicated to giving nutrition tips to expectant women and those who have recently given birth. In addition, expert guests constitute a significant feature of this show where they hold very informative conversations. Looking for a place to get guidance on nutrition? Then Eating for Health is definitely home for you.

Host: Dr Harriet Holmes
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 23
Frequency: Weekly

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