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The Proof with Simon Hill
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The Proof with Simon Hill

Simon Hill

The Proof Podcast is a space for science-based conversation. Read more


Myths about your period | Jen Gunter, Md

05/14/2024 02:54:33
Vegan vs Omnivore twins study | Christopher Gardner, PhD

05/07/2024 02:00:52
Is high cholesterol on a keto diet always a problem? | Dave Feldman and William Cromwell, Md

04/29/2024 03:12:41
The latest science on protein | Nicholas Burd, PhD

04/22/2024 01:51:30
Optimising testosterone levels in men | Dr Adam Hotchkiss

04/15/2024 02:00:07
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Our take on The Proof with Simon Hill podcast

This podcast takes a look at nutrition and dieting from a scientific standpoint. It is hosted by Simon Hill, a nutritionist and author. Simon Hill holds a bachelor's degree in physiotherapy, a master's degree in nutrition and is certified in plant-based nutrition. In addition, Plant Proof hosts various experts guests, including doctors, athletes, and nutritionists. Together with Simon Hill, these guests break down nutrition, tell wonderful and inspiring stories, tackle pertinent questions and explain the impact of food choices on our lives. With the world being more divided over food and diet than ever, Hill takes a neutral approach and encourages us to be conscious of how we live.

Host: Simon Hill
Country: Australia
Episodes count: 310
Frequency: Weekly

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