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True crime podcasts

The High Roller Heist
The Kids of Rutherford County
The King Road Killings: An Idaho Murder Mystery
The Last Ride
The Letter
The Line
The Murdaugh Family Murders: Impact of Influence
The Murdaugh Murders, Money & Mystery | Unsolved South Carolina
The Murder In My Family
The Murder Years
The Opportunist
The Outlaw Ocean
The Piketon Massacre
The Pirate of Prague
The Prosecutors
The Raven
The Retrievals
The Rise and Fall of Ruby Franke
The Secret History of Antarctica: Death on the Ice
The Seduction
The Set
The Shell Lake Massacre
The Shrink Next Door
The Sit Down: A Crime History Podcast Presented by Barstool Sports
The Survivor Squad
The Teacher's Trial
The Thing About Helen & Olga
The Trial Of Alex Murdaugh
The Unforgotten
The Vanished Podcast
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