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Up the Duff
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Up the Duff

The Positive Birth Company

A brand-new pregnancy, birth and parenting podcast, brought to you by The Positive Birth Company.In this first series we are diving straight in at the deep end and tackling TABOOS! Read more


Episode 6: Blood, Milk, Sweat & Tears with Giovanna Fletcher

07/24/2023 55:09
Episode 5: Let’s talk about Sex with Jess Jones

07/17/2023 51:56
Episode 4: Hairy Bellies and Swollen Feet with Molly Forbes

07/10/2023 47:25
Episode 3: Losing It with Steph Douglas

07/03/2023 52:43
Episode 1: Chatting Shit with Victoria Emes

06/19/2023 53:31
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Our take on Up the Duff podcast

Hosted by Siobhan Miller, Up the Duff boldly tackles taboo topics in pregnancy, birth, and parenting. It's a raw and open conversation about everything from bodily functions to mental wellness and intimacy post-childbirth. Miller and guests from the Positive Birth Company community share personal experiences, shining light on often glossed-over realities. They discuss the less glamorous aspects of parenthood, making it a necessary listen for expectant and new parents. A truly authentic take on the journey of parenthood. Up the Duff is a kids & family podcast by The Positive Birth Company.

Producer: The Positive Birth Company
Host: Siobhan Miller
Country: United Kingdom
Episodes count: 6
Average duration: 50'
Frequency: Weekly

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