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Learn French with daily podcasts
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Learn French with daily podcasts

Daily French Pod

Learn French with free daily podcasts, brought to you by French teachers from Paris. Read more


Un navire (Vessel)

Today (04/21/2024) 4:18
L'amour de la France pour les piscines (France's love of swimming pools)

04/18/2024 3:10
Ils l'ont enlevé (They took it down)

04/17/2024 2:47
Ridicule (Ridiculous)

04/16/2024 3:56
La volonté (Will)

04/15/2024 3:49
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Our take on Learn French with daily podcasts

Have you always wanted to learn French? Well, This is your opportunity to do it, and for free! Daily French Pod is a podcast series entirely in French with a native speaker. One of the advantages of this educational format is that they talk about everyday topics, like clothes, women's rights, walks to specific places, etc. So you can get started with these short, precise and super simple classes.

Producer: Daily French Pod
Host: Loui
Country: France
Episodes count: 1516
Average duration: 4'
Frequency: Daily

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