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The lost geographer
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The lost geographer

Rohith Amruthur

Become geographically and culturally literate in this globalized world with The Lost Geographer podcast. Read more


Episode 155 - City Beautiful

08/18/2020 28:35
Episode 154 - Montenegro

08/11/2020 35:21
Episode 153 - Indonesia

07/21/2020 36:04
Episode 152 - Travel Post-COVID-19 with Sarah Dandashy

07/14/2020 39:33
Episode 151 - Lithuania (Pt. 2)

07/07/2020 01:07:46
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Our take on The lost geographer podcast

The lost geographer is one of the most interesting educational podcasts because of its unique perspective. It is a particular show for those interested in knowing about other cultures in the world and how different societies live. This podcast is for you if you like travelling and getting to know the most diverse corners of the planet, both for short periods or as a migrant. The lost geographer promotes cultural awareness, provides local perspectives on each part of the globe, and offers travel recommendations. It contains episodes entirely dedicated to different countries with local guests from each of them. Another type of episode verse on the cultural differences between countries; in this case, a person from one country tells their experiences in another, sometimes focusing on a specific anecdote.

Rohith Amruthur
United States
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